Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LTC Nguyen Van Vinh

VNCH has maintained its life by 21 years during the short but full of arduous, blood and tears, full of sacrifices that many people. Among the sacrifices that have to speak to the sacrifice of soldiers operating in Special Agents though North Vietnam. Their fate is tragic when trapped in North Vietnam. This initial table summarizing said of the Special Agent though the North has released seven people were sentenced to death and executed, the ninth death match, 21 people died in the camps convict North , seven people died after being released on, 2 people missing after the implementation tasks, 11 people were appointed to settle at the farm or cooperative North. Most of the rest were tortured and arrested brutal labor, hard labor in prison camps toughest. Why most of the special Aganets was started?
The following article is by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Vinh, the direct charge of the accounting Despite Special Operation in the North Vietnam, would tell us the definition of General Organization Special Commando units, the activities of and how they operated by U.S. and Republic of Vietnam intelligence agencies.

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